The First Days | Canada

Now that I’m already home again for more than two weeks, I finally find the time to upload some of my great memories here. Okay, maybe it won’t be some but a lot! Here are my first impressions of Canada, before we started our road trip to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and New York City!! I loved it!

sunset-canada sunflowers-sunset-canada

Sunsets in Embro – beautiful!




Visiting baby cows on a rainy day. Can I take them with me?



ATVing around the country side!


Watching Suicide Squad at the drive-in cinema. I think I need a car like this – so comfy!


Beach bums at lake Grand Bend. It didn’t even feel like a lake but kind of reminded me of one of my Crete vacations.


Tubing at Wildwood Conservation Area or When I discovered that I’m not a water sports person at all haha


Baby chickens! Soooo cute!!

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